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10-3 Tournament Scores Reduction

The "R" next to a player's Handicap Index signifies that a "reduction" has been placed on his/her Handicap Index. The USGA Handicap System, following section 10-3, automatically reduces the Handicap Index of a player who consistently scores better in competitions than in informal play.

When does a reduction occur? The procedure continues with the reduction calculation if the difference between the second-lowest tournament score differential and the regularly calculated Handicap Index is greater than 3.0. The 10-3 reduction calculation uses tournament scores made within the current year or tournament scores contained within the player's last twenty scores. All tournament scores posted will stay on a scoring record for a year from the date that they were shot. A tournament score may stay on a record longer if in a year it is still a part of the most recent twenty scores.

The Handicap Committee at the golfer's club, not the Minnesota Golf Association, may decide to override a reduction in certain cases. The Handicap Committee should contact the MGA to perform the override.

Take a look at Section 10-3 of the USGA Handicap System Manual to see how the 10-3 reduction calculation works.

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