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About the Senior Tour

Our regional sections (Northern, Southern, and Metro) are open to male golfers 55 years of age and older. The Gross section is open to male golfers 55 years of age and older, the Super Senior section is open to male golfers 70 years of age and older, and our Women's section is open to female golfers 50 years of age and older.

Each section offers its own schedule of 18-hole individual play events hosted by courses in a regional area specific to the name of the section. The Gross and Super Senior sections are primarily focused in the metro area with a few sites outstate. Our Women's schedule of events are offered as a Women's flight in the other Senior Tour section events throughout the state, but mostly in the Metro.

There are also some events open to players in all sections hosted by clubs in a wide range of regions in the state. These All Section events have a variety of styles and formats including team events, individual events, and 36-hole events.

A player may opt to play in ANY ONE of the regional sections regardless of where he lives, but he cannot play in more than one of the sections unless he is 70 years or older. Players can have a Dual membership in the Gross section (55 years and up) or the Super Senior section (70 years and up) and one of the other regional sections. Female players just have women's event opportunities for their membership.

In each event, players compete in Senior (55-64) and Master (65 & up) divisions except for the Gross and Super Senior section and Women's events with one division in each. A regional section player's division is determined by his age as of May 1 of the current season. For Dual Super Senior members, players compete in the Senior or Master division for their regional section and All-Section events. Events are played in a Stableford format with prizes awarded for net and gross scores.

There are multiple tees used for some events.
Two different tees will be used for the Senior (55-64 years or 65+ years choosing to play as a Senior) and Master (65+ years) divisions in the three regional section events (Northern, Southern, Metro) and All-Section Team events.

  • SENIOR TEES (6000-6200 yards)
  • MASTER TEES (5700-5900 Yards)
    *Master players have the option to play in the Senior Division for the season. Masters interested in playing in the Senior division for the season need to notify the Senior Tour department at least 2 weeks prior to their first event. A player may not change divisions during the season even if they happen to turn 65 during the active season.
  • GROSS SECTION TEES (6300-6500 yards*)
    • *When the course allows.
  • SUPER SENIOR TEES (5600-5900 yards)
    • *Super Senior Tees are only used in Super Senior events.
  • WOMEN’S TEES (4900-5200 Yards)

Along with event prizes, players accumulate performance points throughout the season for strong finishes in events. After the last event is held, overall performance points are determined with the top performers from each section qualifying for the Senior Tour Finals.

The MGA Senior Tour is open to amateur golfers who:

  • Are current members of the Minnesota Golf Association and whose club is an MGA member. 
  • Age Eligibility: Regional sections and Gross (55 years); Super Senior section (70 years); and Women's section (50 years). Birthdate can be anytime during the year for membership sign-up but please note that age as of May 1 determines Senior or Master division designation. Players 65 and older can opt to play in the Senior (55-64 years old) division for the season as long as they contact the Senior Tour dept to do so prior to their first event.
  • Have a Handicap Index of 24.4 or lower, except for the Super Senior section and Women's membership which requires a handicap index limit of 36.4 or lower. **Super Senior DUAL members are required to have a handicap index of 24.4 or less.

2020 Senior Tour Membership Fees:

  • $60 for the Metro, Northern, Southern, Gross, Super Senior or Women's section
  • $85 for DUAL (Gross or Super Senior plus one other section)

Senior Tour membership registration typically begins the first Monday in February each year. Players can apply online with a credit card or mail in an application with payment.

For further questions regarding the MGA Senior Tour or to be added to the 2020 distribution list, please contact the Senior Tour Department: seniortour@mngolf.org or 952-345-3978.

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