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Senior Tour Frequently Asked Questions


How do I create a Player Profile?

CLICK HERE create your player profile.

All players need to create a Player Profile to sign up for our 2020 memberships and events.
  1. Click the blue “Click Here to Register” button and enter your GHIN number. You will then be prompted to create a password for your new account.
NOTE: If you do not have an active GHIN number, you can still sign up for memberships and events—just make sure your GHIN is active prior to your first event.
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How do I register for a Senior Tour membership?

CLICK HERE to login to your player profile.

MGA 2020 Senior Tour Membership registration begins Monday, February 3.
  1. After creating your new player profile, find the “Senior Tour” tab at the top of the webpage. Hover your mouse over this tab to be presented with a drop-down menu.
  2. Click on “2020 MGA Senior Tour Memberships” and then press “Add to Cart” for the membership you would like to join.
  3. Next, click the “Continue” button to enter your billing details.
How do I sign up for Senior Tour events?

CLICK HERE to login to your player profile.

MGA 2020 Senior Tour event registration begins on Monday, March 2 at 8:30 a.m..
  1. Under the “Senior Tour” tab, click on the section schedule you would like to view.
  2. Click “Register” for the event you would like to join. You may add multiple events to your cart by selecting "Add to Cart."
  3. Once you have selected the events you would like to join, press the “Continue” button to enter your billing details.
NOTE: The ability to store credit card information is not available.
  • Our Regional Section Events and All-Section/Team Events are not filled on a priority basis. Instead, they are filled by a random draw if the maximum number of players is exceeded.
Who is eligible to participate?

Entry to the MGA Senior Tour is open to amateur golfers who are current Associate Members of the Minnesota Golf Association and whose club is a member club of the MGA. Anytime during the current year, male players must reach their 55th birthday and female players must reach their 50th birthday. For the Super Senior section for male players, they must reach their 70th birthday anytime during the current year. The USGA Handicap Index limit for the regional sections (Northern, Southern and Metro) of the MGA Senior Tour is 24.4 or lower. For the Super Senior section and Women's flights the handicap index limit is 36.4 or lower. If you are not an MGA Associate Member or not sure if you are give us a call and we would be glad to help you. Please call (952) 345-3978.

Are all the competitions individual?

No. Each section has its own schedule of 18-hole individual events. There are also some team events and special events open to all of the sections. For women, their schedule is comprised of events in the other sections that offered women's flights, as well as, three of the two-person team events.

How many players can belong to the Senior Tour?

The MGA Senior Tour is made up of five sections: Metro, Northern, Southern, Super Senior, and Women's.  A male player may opt to play in ANY ONE of the regional sections regardless of where he lives, but he cannot play in more than one of the sections except for Super Senior players who can have a dual membership in one of the other regional sections.  Applications will be accepted online or at the Minnesota Golf Association office on a first-come, first-serve basis, beginning with the first Monday in February of the current year.

What happens if too many players sign up for one event?

Events are filled two different ways:

1. All one-day events are NOT filled on a first-come, first served basis. 
Individual event entries are accepted until each event entry deadline (two weeks prior to each event). At that time, if an event is oversubscribed, a drawing is held to create a wait list. Wait listed players who do not get into the event will not be wait listed in any additional individual section events for the duration of the current season.

2. Two-day events are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis 
beginning the first Monday in March of the current calendar year. If an event fills, then a wait list will be started in order of entries received.

What type of prizes are awarded?

Winners in both Net and Gross will be recognized in both the Senior and Master Divisions in Northern, Southern, and Metro events. In Super Senior events and Women's flights there is just one division with winners in both Net and Gross. Merchandise certificates will be awarded as determined by the Tournament Committee.

Do I get anything to show my buddies that I am a MGA Senior Tour Member?

Of course, the MGA Senior Tour cap, available to tour members only.

What is the Tour Finals all about?

In each event, the top eight players in the net and the top eight players in the Gross competition in each section for every event will receive Senior Tour Performance Points.

Go to the Senior Tour Handbook for details about how many from each section make the Senior Tour Finals and what the tie-breakers are.

How much is this going to cost and how do I join?

The tour membership annual fee is $60 for one section ( Metro, Northern, Southern, Super Senior and Women's). A player may only choose one section except if he is 70 years and older. Players 70 years and older are eligible to be a dual members, and can sign up for the Super Senior section and one other section for an annual membership fee of $85. The annual membership fee for all sections covers all the administrative costs, prizes and Tour member's cap. Event fees range from $35 - $70, and this includes green fees, cart fees, driving range and prizes. To sign up you can join online by logging in to the MGA Online Registration Area on your computer or using the "GHIN Mobile" app on your smart phone. When logged in simply click on "Program Sign Up" located in the gray sidebar to the left. There you will click on the box of the section of your choice and follow the steps to complete your registration. You also have the option to fill out an application to drop off or mail. Links to sign up are available on the Senior Tour homepage.

How do I enter events?

There are two ways to register for events:

1. Sign up online with a credit card
Log in to the MGA Online Registration Area on your computer or using the "GHIN Mobile" app on your smart phone. Simply check the box to the left of the event(s) you are interested in, highlighting them yellow and then click the gray "Register for Selected Events" button at the top of the page to take you through the payment and rest of the sign up process. You must have a Senior Tour membership to be able to sign up for Senior Tour events.

2. Fill out an entry form
Sign up online or fill out a Senior Tour event entry form available for download on our Senior Tour homepage or contact the Senior Tour Department to send you one (seniortour@mngolf.org). Use one form to enter as many events as you like at one time. Include one check covering payment for all of the events entered on one form. Credit cards and checks are processed immediately upon receival of entries.

What is the Withdrawal Policy for events?

Entry fee will be fully refunded if the MGA office is notified by 3:00 pm, three business days prior to an event: 
    Monday event (withdrawal required by Wednesday)
    Tuesday event (withdrawal required by Thursday)
    Wednesday event (withdrawal required by Friday)
    Thursday event (withdrawal required by Monday)
    Friday event (withdrawal required by Tuesday)

No refunds will be given for any reason after the withdrawal deadline to the start of the event. 

Online withdrawals will recieve a charge back immediately to the credit card used for entry. For those entries with payment made by check, reimbursement checks will be mailed out as soon as possible after the event.

How are Pairings Created?

For most of the Senior Tour events, pairings are created in a similar handicap index order with some created in an ABCD format. This allows more players the opportunity to play with different golfers throughout the summer. 

Pairings are posted to the Senior Tour homepage and mailed to players without email between one to two weeks prior to events.

Is there a Senior Tour handbook?

Yes, there is. It covers everything you need to know about the Senior Tour. CLICK HERE to view the 2020 Senior Tour Handbook.
The annual handbook is posted in the About Senior Tour sidebar on the Senior Tour homepage by mid-January each year. 

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