Queen of Aces

Woodbury Golfer Lindsey Huettl is scoring aces at an epic pace.

December 30, 2021
By Joseph Oberle

In a land where Paul Bunyan’s footprints are said to have created 10,000 penalty areas (lakes), tall tales do occur. But in golf, where feats are witnessed and verified, they are merely golf tales—and the one about local golfer Lindsey Huettl and her four holes-in-one in a calendar year are a matter of record—whether we can believe it or not. 

Lindsey Huettl

Huettl, a Mankato-native and Woodbury transplant, built a community of friends and golfers since moving to the Twin Cities in 2009.

“I was in complete shock,” Huettl said of her most recent hole-in-one on June 7th,  2021, on Royal’s 12th hole. “I dropped my club, dropped my jaw and just stared at my buddy [who said] ‘Are you kidding me? How is this even possible?’" 

You see, Huettl had just made an ace three days prior at Troy Burne GC’s 11th hole. And another 33 days before that on May 2nd on Royal’s No. 7—and one more last season (June 22, 2020, at StoneRidge’s No. 14). (Not to mention her first on September 18, 2013, at Eagle Valley No. 5.). The odds for a single ace are 12,500 to one. The odds of them occurring with this frequency are off the charts. How, indeed? 

“It’s all luck,” Huettl says without a hint of false modesty. “It really is. Yes, you have to be able to put the ball in the vicinity of the hole, but for it to actually go in, you don’t know what line to hit and or break to play. You have a general idea, but that’s all luck.” 

Well, many athletes say, “the harder I work, the luckier I get.” And Huettl, a former college soccer player at MSU-Mankato, definitely puts in the time on the course, as she’s a self-proclaimed golf nut, playing 5-6 rounds a week and posting more 200 rounds in 2020. But, actually, it’s not work for Huettl. 

“I do not practice.,” she says. “I don’t go to the putting green; I don’t go to the chipping green; I don’t go to the driving range and just hit balls. I play. Playing is my practice.” 

Okay, so maybe she is lucky. But Huettl recently put a golf simulator in her house and credits a gift from a friend for helping improve her short game. 

“I am decent around the greens,” says Huettl, who also jarred an eagle on a par 4 this past summer at Royal.  “I credit a birthday gift of the Tiger Woods 14 game on PlayStation 3. I played it all winter. It showed me all these different chip shots [and I wanted] to try them on the course.” 

Huettl’s a student of the game—but it wasn’t always that way. She grew up with golf-playing parents, who coerced Lindsey to the course so they could play. 

“My parents started me playing at age 5 or 6, but I had no interest in it,” Lindsey says. “I was only going willingly with a ride in a golf cart and M&Ms at the turn.” 

She played soccer and basketball in high school—only joining the Mankato East golf team at the insistence of her mom. But her heart wasn’t in it, even though she made varsity her sophomore year. 

“If my high school coach could see me now, he wouldn’t believe how much I love golf,” Lindsey says. 

“The odds for a single ace are 12,500 to one. The odds of them occurring with this frequency are off the charts.”

Lindsey got hooked after meeting up with a former college soccer teammate for some competitive rounds and then realizing how golf had become a continuing connection to her parents. There was competition with them, as well: Lindsey happily reports that her five aces “finally tie” her parents’ five combined (three for dad and two for mom).  

Luck, genetics or solid golf—perhaps all are at play—but Lindsey’s story is even more amazing. She is 36 and single, but her friend Marie, hoping to help change that, gave her golf balls inscribed with the following note: “Married, old, female? Drop this ball at once! 30-40 male, single? Text: [Lindsey’s phone number].” Those golf balls are lost (doing their job), but balls from a later iteration are not. 

“Last year, my friend Tom continued the tradition of birthday golf balls with ones that say: “If found, I putt out.’” 

Unfortunately, three of those golf balls are mounted on a wall of Lindsey’s home in a display of her hole-in-one golf balls.  

But all is not lost. Lindsey recently discovered another sleeve of those birthday golf balls. So, the husband hunting (or her quest for more aces), continues. Either way, this golf tale just gets taller. 

One to Watch

Anne Colehour Mullen, MGA meetings and events manager, has long been known as “AC.” But that moniker is changing. This past summer Anne and her husband Don joined LeSueur Country Club, and soon people were calling her “Ace.” 

Anne, a golfer for 23 years, made her first-ever hole-in-one on July 2 at LeSueur’s short No. 10. And in her next round, 21 days later, she made another on the same hole.  

“I was in disbelief! It was awesome, as I was able watch the ball go in. The hole is in front of the clubhouse, so people came running out to congratulate me!”

Anne Colehour Mullen

“I was in disbelief!” AC says of the first ace. “It was awesome, as I was able watch the ball go in. The hole is in front of the clubhouse, so people came running out to congratulate me!” 

On No. 10 tee three weeks later, her group members chided her about hitting another one. 

“I didn’t feel any pressure,” she says. “I grabbed my 9-iron and swung away. The ball was going right for the hole and bounced once and went in. I threw my hands up, and the guys couldn’t believe I just got another hole-in-one!” 

Anne says that years of experience, frequency of play or your handicap don’t matter. “July was my month.” Yet, she continues to look for more. 

“As the quote says, ‘good things come in threes,’” AC(e) says. 

Joseph Oberle

Joe Oberle is an award-winning author, sportswriter, and has been the managing editor of Minnesota Golfer magazine since 2002. He’s covered the Minnesota Vikings, the NFL, Minnesota Twins and spent six seasons as publications manager for the Minnesota Timberwolves, where he co-authored “Unstoppable: The Story of George Mikan.”

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