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MWGA Foundation Scholarship Application

Please type or print clearly. Be certain to file a Federal Student Aid Report (FAFSA) with the US Government between October 1 and March 1 of your senior year. FAFSA forms can be obtained at www.fafsa.gov. Return (1) this application, (2) a copy of your high school transcripts, (3) ACT and/or SAT scores and (4) a copy of your competed FAFSA form (including the Student Aid Report (SAR)) to the MWGA Foundation, 6550 York Ave. S., Suite 211, Edina, MN 55435-2333. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED IN THE MWGA FOUNDATION OFFICE BY 4:30 PM, MARCH 31, OF YOUR SENIOR YEAR. All pieces of the application must be received together by the MWGA Foundation by the deadline to be considered.

Use this statement as an opportunity to introduce yourself and tell us what you think is important to know about you as a person/ Please include the information about the following:
  • School
  • Family
  • Interests
  • Future Goals
  • Your interest or involement in golf


Please download the Scholarship Reference File to have your High School Principal, Teacher or Counselor to fill out and please attach the filled out form. 


Please attach your ACT/SAT Scores Report


Please upload a copy of your Completed FASFA form, including the Student Aid Report (SAR)
Form submitted.

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