MGA Championship
MGA Senior Amateur Championship
Crow River Golf Club | Hutchinson, MN
September 13-15, 2022
MGA Championship

MGA Senior Amateur Championship

Crow River Golf Club | Hutchinson, MN
September 13-15, 2022
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Tournament Information

Registration Status: Closed

Entry Fees:

NOTE:  Entries are limited to the first 156 players.  For limits per flight, see Flight Information below.

Golf Cart:  $50 (2 rounds)
The use of a golf cart is permitted for this event.  Carts may be prepaid online at the time of registration or at any time prior to registration closing.  Or the fee may be paid on-site each day of the tournament.  For those players making the cut, the fee for Round 3 must be paid in the golf shop prior to the start of the round.  


Entry is open to any amateur golfer:
(1) Who is currently an Associate Member of the MGA at the club from which they are playing, 
(2) Whose club is a current Member Club of the MGA, 
(3) Whose Handicap Index® for 18 holes does not exceed 7.4 at the time of entry, and
(4) Who must be at least 55 years of age on the first day of the championship.
NOTE: Handicap requirement IS NOT in effect for the Grand Master Division.

An entry may be rejected at the discretion of the Committee at any time, including after the competition has closed.

NOTE: For eligibility purposes, an MGA Associate Member through the MGA Join On-Line (JOL) program must have a Minnesota connection in addition to JOL membership in order to participate. Examples of connections would be a MN resident (permanent or seasonal), a non-resident student at a MN school, and/or an MGA course connection, validated by a course employee and/or score posting record. The Committee’s decision on such a connection and eligibility is final.   

Additional Information

Championship & Senior Flight:  54-holes, individual stroke play
Master & Grand Master Flights:  36-holes, individual stroke play

The Overall Champion will be the person with the lowest 54-hole total from either the Senior or Master Flights.  In the event of a tie for the Championship, there will be a hole-by-hole playoff immediately following the conclusion of play.  A tie for first in any other flight will be broken by a scorecard playoff as recommended by USGA policy..

There will be a cut to the low 48 scorers and ties after 36 holes from the combined Senior and Master flights.  Those players will play an additional 18 holes on Day 3.

Tuesday, September 13:  Round 1 Starting times begin 7:30 am and 12:00 pm
Wednesday, September 14:  Round 2 Starting times begin 7:30 and 12:00 pm
Thursday, September 15:  Round 3 Starting times begin 7:30 am
NOTE 1:  Round 1 Starting times will be available after registration has closed.  Master and Grand Master Flights will play in the afternoon on Day 1 and in the morning on Day 2.

The Championship will consist of three flights.  Players are assigned to a flight based on the player's age on the first day of the Championship:
  • Senior Flight: 55-64
  • Master Flight: 65-74
  • Grand Master Flight: 75 and above
NOTE: A player who is 75 or above may elect to play in the Master Flight.

Practice Rounds:
Practice rounds will be available.  To schedule a practice round, please contact the Crow River Golf Shop (320/587-3070) and identify yourself as an MGA Senior Amateur contestant.  The fee may be determined by the day and time you play.  

Driving Range:
Range balls will be provided prior to play each day.  The range will open at least 60 minutes prior to play.

Food and Beverages:
A Players' meal will be available to all players AFTER THEIR ROUND on Day 2.  

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