MGA Championship
MGA Women's Team/Club
Oak Glen Golf Course | Stillwater, MN
September 25, 2022
MGA Championship

MGA Women's Team/Club

Oak Glen Golf Course | Stillwater, MN
September 25, 2022
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Tournament Information

Registration Status: Closed

Entry Fees:

$120 per team (walking)
NOTE: Entry is limited to the first 100 teams to enter.

Golf Cart: $34/team
The use of a golf cart is permitted for this event.  Carts may be prepaid online at the time of entry or at any time prior to registration closing.  Or, it may be paid on-site each day of the tournament.


Entry is open to any female amateur golfer:
(1) Who is currently an Associate Member of the MGA at the club from which they are playing and
(2) Whose club is a current Member Club of the MGA.

An entry may be rejected at the discretion of the Committee at any time, including after the competition has closed.

NOTE: For eligibility purposes, an MGA Associate Member through the MGA Join On-Line (JOL) program must have a Minnesota connection in addition to JOL membership in order to participate. Examples of connections would be a MN resident (permanent or seasonal), a non-resident student at a MN school, and/or an MGA course connection, validated by a course employee and/or score posting record. The Committee's decision on such a connection and eligibility is final.

Additional Information

Teams are made up of two players, either from the same club or different clubs. Those from different clubs will be in the Team competition only.  Those from the same club will compete in the Club and Team competitions. 

Teams will play the three formats below.  The holes assigned to each format will be determined at a later date. 
Four-Ball: (Holes 13 - 18) Two-person team format with each player playing her own ball. On each hole, the lower score of the two partners is the TEAM score for the hole.
Alternate Shot: (Holes 1 - 6) One player tees off on the odd holes, and the other player tees off on the even holes, regardless of who played the last stroke on the previous hole.
Scramble:( Holes 7 - 12) Two-person team format. On each hole, each player tees off, then the team chooses the best shot, and both play the second shot from that location and again choose the best shot. Play continues in this manner until the hole is completed.  The first ball to be holed is considered the score for the team.

Shotgun starts 8am & 1:30pm
Flights 1-5 will play in the MORNING shotgun. (8AM)
Flights 6-10 will play in the AFTERNOON shotgun. (1:30PM)

Flights will be created after registration has closed.  Teams will be assigned to a flight based on the lowest Handicap Index® of the two players.  A Flight Report will be published after flights are created.

Practice Rounds:
Practice round times may be available on a space available basis.  Please contact the Oak Glen Golf Club (651/439-6981) and identify yourself as an MGA Women's Team/Club contestant to schedule a time. The fee may be dependent upon the day and time you play.

Driving Range:
Range balls will be provided prior to play each day. The range will be open at least 60 minutes prior to the first tee time.

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