Minnesota Golf Association

MPGA Four-Ball Championship

River Oaks Municipal Golf Course

Saturday, May 15 - Sunday, May 16, 2021

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Tournament Information

This championship will be divided into divisions:

  • The Championship Division is elective and players will play with no handicap.
  • The Senior Division is elective and players will play with no handicap. To play in this division, all players on the team must be at least 50 years of age as of May 15, 2021.
  • The Net Division is elective and entries will be split as equally as possible using a ranking of combined handicaps into flights. Each team member will play with 85% of his course handicap per the most recent USGA guidelines. Your handicap index as of Close of Entries will be used and will determine which flight your team will be placed in. The cumulative 36-hole team score (net best-ball of the team from each hole) will be the team's score for the championship.

In the Net Division, the Partner's handicap index may not differ by more than 8.0 at time of entry. If the difference in handicaps changes to more than 8.0 between partners when the pairings are set, the higher handicap player will be reduced to 8.0 above the lower handicap player and then be assigned to the appropriate flight.

The Committee may adjust handicaps in accordance with USGA approved procedures.

If a tie occurs for first place, a sudden-death play-off (all flights) will take place. The playoff starting hole will be determined by the Committee.

Assuming a full field, players will play at the following times:

  • Championship and Senior Championship will play PM on Saturday and AM on Sunday.
  • Net Fights will play AM on Saturday and PM on Sunday.
  • These times could vary depending upon the number of entries for the Championship.

Championship Information

  • Complete Entry and Championship Format Information

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