Minnesota Golf Association

US Senior Open Qualifying

The Wilds Golf Club

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

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Rules Information

USGA Terms of Competition


To enter, you must enter through the USGA website.  Click HERE to enter.


The MGA will be using an electronic scoring process for this event using USGA Tournament Management Digital Scorecard. You should make yourself familiar with it prior to arriving at tournament site. Please read the attached instructions and/or watch the video.

Video Instructions
Written Instructions


USGA Terms of Competition (Hard Card)
Qualifying Memo to Players
Local Rules Sheet
Hole Location Sheet
(will be posted after 6p May 18)


PACE OF PLAY/UNREASONABLE DELAY (RULE 5.6):  Players are expected to play without delay, and groups are expected to remain in position with the group immediately in front of it.  Timing sheets for each round showing the time by when each hole must be completed are posted on the Qualifying webpage.  Groups who fall out of position are subject to monitoring and timing by a rules official.  Players are expected to play a stroke within 40 seconds of when it is their time to play.  Players who receive a bad time will be warned.  Players who receive multiple bad times are subject to penalty.  The expected pace of play is 4:35 for 18 holes.  Penalty for Breach of Rule 5.6a:  
First breach: Warning; 
Second breach: 
One penalty stroke; 
Third breach: 
Two penalty strokes; 
Fourth breach: 

Timing Sheets


The following number of spots will be available:

Qualifiers:    ONE (1)
Alternates:   2


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