Minnesota Golf Association

US Women's Amateur Four-Ball Qualifying

Victory Links Golf Course

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

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USGA Terms of Competition
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USGA Covid-19 Notice

     Each individual player is responsible for understanding and complying with any travel restrictions and quarantine requirements and recommendations prior to registering for a specific qualifier and at the time of the competition. Please familiarize yourself with the requirements and guidelines for any state you may be traveling to or from before registering. Players will generally NOT be allowed to transfer sites after the close of entries (see Transfer Policy in Informational PDF for more information).

     Playing and Qualifying Site Protocol Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Allied Golf Association may implement one or more of the following protocols at a USGA qualifier in order to conduct the qualifier in a safe manner for all players and staff.
• Limited or no practice rounds due to local/state regulations or host facility regulations.
• Temperature check and/or screening questions upon arrival at the host facility.
• A specified arrival time and/or limited use of the practice facility prior to the start of your round.
• Caddies may be prohibited during the competition.
• Bottled water and Food & Beverage may not be available.
• Limited or no access to clubhouse or locker room.
• Electronic distribution of paperwork e.g. local rules, hole location sheet, etc…
• Electronic scoring using a mobile device and verbal confirmation of scores.
• A local rule for disturbed areas in bunkers where use of bunker rakes may be prohibited.
• Code of Conduct requiring the flagstick to remain in the hole where touching of the flagstick may be prohibited.
• Modifications to the hole i.e. PVC or pool noodle

     Players, caddies and spectators attending may be required to wear a mask in public areas, at registration, at the starting tee, in the scoring area, and any other areas as dictated by the Allied Golf Association. Players, caddies and spectators may also be required to sign a waiver as dictated by the Allied Golf Association.

     Failure to adhere to guidelines published by the Allied Golf Association conducting the qualifier may result in the withdrawal of the players’ entry and removal from the course.

     All players who successfully qualify for a USGA championship will be required to follow all mitigation measures implemented by USGA with respect to COVID-19. These requirements are a condition of competition for all players. In particular, players, caddies and others attending a USGA championship may be required to submit to COVID19 testing prior to arrival and on-site upon arrival at the championship, follow on-site protocols established by the USGA and comply with limitations set by the USGA on allowing guests at the championship. 

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