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MGA Announces Merger of Women's Golf Associations

November 16, 2016

EDINA, Minn. (Nov. 15, 2016) – A merger of the Minnesota Women’s Golf Association and the Minnesota Women’s Public Golf Association with the Minnesota Golf Association was approved by the MGA Board of Directors by a unanimous vote during the 116th Annual Meeting of the MGA, Nov. 1, 2016, at Brackett’s Crossing Country Club in Lakeville.

“We are entering a new era – that of a merged organization working for the good of all golfers in the state of Minnesota,” says MGA President, Barb Hanson, adding, “we believe we will now have the time and resources to not only continue what these two organizations have established but also bring intentional focus on growing the game of golf.”

Ongoing merger discussions among the three associations made clear that a new MGA governance structure be more streamlined and two new officer positions be created to serve the interests of women’s golf and player development. These changes and the merger agreement were approved by the MGA Board and presented to the members for approval during the annual meeting. 

Prior to the merger, there were 13 amateur championships in Minnesota for women. Participation required dual membership in the MWGA and MWPGA. With the dissolution of the two women’s organizations and the merger with the MGA, this barrier to participation for women members of MGA is effectively removed, allowing all female members, or some 17,000 throughout the state, the opportunity to play in a greater variety of stroke play, match play and team events conducted by the MGA. 

“Minnesota is well-known for its avid participation in and enthusiastic support of golf. With this merger and our commitment to working together as one organization, we are looking at a very exciting future,” says Hanson.

About the MGA
Established in 1901, with the formation by seven golf clubs to organize the state’s most prestigious and storied golf championship, the MGA Amateur Championship, the Minnesota Golf Association is today the governing body over amateur golf in the state, responsible for administering the Rules of Golf, and committed to upholding and promoting the game of golf and its values for all golfers in Minnesota. 

The MGA conducts 25 major amateur championships and 16 USGA qualifying events each year. Thanks to the support of its member clubs and associate members, and the efforts of its volunteers and staff, the MGA provides a variety of services such as handicapping, course rating and measuring, an online golf news and information resource, www.mngolf.org, and an official publication, Minnesota Golfer magazine, which benefit all golfers throughout Minnesota. 


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