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Congratulations 2020 Senior Tour Finals Qualifiers & Alternates!

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

It is hard to believe that the 2020 season is coming to a close! Thank you to all who have played this year especially in a time with lots of changes and adjustments. We feel very fortunate to have been able to play our Senior Tour season this year!

We are pleased to announce our list of Senior Tour Finals Qualifiers and Alternates for this season. Qualifiers are invited to the Finals to be held at White Bear Yacht Club on Monday, September 21.

As a prize for stellar play over the season, qualifiers play for free and compete to be a champion in each Senior Tour division including Senior, Master, Super Senior, Women's and Gross.

Qualifiers are asked to reply ASAP if you can play on Monday including whether you prefer to walk or ride. Alternates are also asked to reply whether you would be able to play if an opening becomes available with walk or ride preference.


Follow along with live scoring on Monday and be sure to check out our photo gallery from the Finals later next week.

Click here for a complete list of qualifiers and alternates...


Monday, July 6, 2020

Due to volatile weather concerns, Indian Hills was cancelled and has been rescheduled for MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14.

All players in the original event date remain registered for the new date.

Wait list remains the same with players who were moved into the original event remaining in the event's new date. Click here for Indian Hills Wait List.

If you need to withdraw from the new date just let Tristan (tristan@mngolf.org), Karen (karen@mngolf.org) or Pierson (pierson@mngolf.org) know.


Senior Tour Update - July 1

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Time is flying! Here we are heading into our second month of the 2020 MGA Senior Tour season. Our first All Section 36-Hole Individual event is going on right now at Cragun's Legacy Courses. We have 120 golfers playing and we were able to hold our first shotgun utilizing the new Phase 3 guidelines with COVID protocol. We have been preparing for such a change and are making sure we are able to provide safe social distancing by splitting players up into smaller groups with separate spacing. You also may have noticed that some of our events have been at courses with carts that provide partitions so two players from different households can ride together. If you have any questions about these new procedures at Senior Tour events please don't hesitate to contact us.


  • Due to weather concerns on Monday, June 29, we had to cancel and reschedule two events: Gross-SprSr-Wmns Braemar GC & Southern New Ulm CC.
  • Braemar is now  MONDAY, JULY 27.
  • New Ulm is now  MONDAY, AUGUST 24.
    *The new New Ulm date does coincide with our second All Section 18-Hole event at St. Cloud CC. Unfortunately, it was our only option for rescheduling so any Dual members please look at your calendar carefully to make sure you haven't doublebooked yourself.
  • All players originally signed up for Braemar and New Ulm have been left in the event for the new date. Please contact the Senior Tour Dept if you need to withdraw.
  • Please remember that all players must report to the scoring table after all Senior Tour events to verbally confirm your scorecard. Even if you have verified with the player taking care of mobile scoring. It is necessary for all players in the tee group to be together at scoring for the verbal confirmation so we can catch any errors that may have accidentally occurred.
  • MGA Senior Amateur registration for non-exempt players begins JULY 1. This championship fills up quickly so don't delay with your entry.
    To see Overall Performance Points standings for each section, go to the Senior Tour homepage. Use the filters above the schedule grid in the middle of the page. Select your section in the filter to the right than change the view of the schedule from "Events" to "Points." You can click on a name to see what events are being tabulated for the performance point total shown per player. *Please note that just the top 4 performances go into the total for each player. If you need any helping navigating to this area or have questions about your points just let us know. We will be looking at these Overall Performance Points standings when invitations go out for the Senior Tour Finals to be held at White Bear Yacht Club in September.
To view the Senior Tour Schedule on the Senior Tour homepage, click here.
To view the printable Senior Tour schedule, click here.
To view the entire 2020 MGA Schedule, click here.
If you have questions, contact karen@mngolf.org or tristan@mngolf.org or pierson@mngolf.org   .

Continue to play safe out there!


Some Reminders

Sunday, June 14, 2020

We hope you have enjoyed the first 2 weeks of the Senior Tour season. We want to thank everyone with cooperating with us as we are adjusting to the new guidelines during this pandemic. As we move forward with the golf season there are a few things we would like to point out to help the golf season continue to run smoothly.

  1. Each Player Keep Your Own Score For Verification
    We’ve had some confusion with scores at some of our events so far, so from here on out we want each player to keep their own score.
    1. There will still be ONE player that keeps score electronically for the group, but having each player keep a separate copy of their own will help the verifying process at the end of each round.
    2. With that being said we would like EVERYONE to verify their score with the site captain at the end of each round (not just the electronic score keeper). That way the site captain can go hole by hole with each group member to make sure everything is accurate.
  2. Read the Local Rules Before Each Event
    Keep an eye out for the local rules sheet that comes out with each pairings email. The local rules will also be on each event homepage. The local rules cover what tees you will be playing for the event. A printable score card is also available right on our website for each event. These printable score cards will have the correct yardages that you’re playing from. For those of you who would prefer to use the courses scorecards, that isn’t an issue. However the yardages on the courses physical scorecard won’t always be the same yardages you’re playing.
  3. You Must Hole Out on Every Hole
    Each hole must be holed out to complete the hole for stableford points. Meaning the ball must remain at rest in the hole for it to be considered a ‘hole out’. See the Covid 19 local rules for holing out: https://www.mngolf.org/Res/COVID19LocalRules.pdf
  4. Guidelines May Change Throughout the Season
    We may have to adjust our guidelines throughout the course of the year when we are allowed to do so. We will communicate these changes when and if they happen.
  5. 2020 MGA-WSGA Senior Tour Cup Matches Cancelled
    Unfortunately the WSGA Senior Tour was cancelled for the 2020 season, so we will not be competing in our annual cup matches event this year. We are hoping to compete against them in 2021 in Wisconsin.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
Tristan (tristan@mngolf.org)
Karen (karen@mngolf.org)
Pierson (pierson@mngolf.org)

Senior Tour Update - June Schedule Changes

Monday, June 8, 2020

Hello Senior Tour Players,

A new Metro section event has been added to replace the cancelled Chaska Town Course (June 8) event.
Majestic Oaks GC
Monday, August 3
Entry deadline is Monday, July 20

To view the Senior Tour Schedule on the Senior Tour homepage, click here.
To view the printable Senior Tour schedule, click here.
To view the entire 2020 MGA Schedule, click here.
If you have questions, contact karen@mngolf.org or tristan@mngolf.org.  

Continue to play safe out there!

The 2020 Senior Tour Season Begins!

Sunday, May 31, 2020

A few reminders as we kick off our season on Monday, June 1:

  • Click below to be sure to read and understand the 
    COVID-19 Operational Guidelines, Procedures and Local Rules
  • Remember that event entry deadlines are always two weeks prior to each event. No late entries. With our new procedures running Senior Tour events this year we want to be as focused as possible to ensure that our events are safe and well run. Last minutes changes make it more difficult to be able to do that so we won't be able to add players after the entry deadline even if there is a threesome on the sheet.
  • Please, no pairing requests. With so many events occuring in the Senior Tour it is just not possible for us to meet those requests. One of the great benefits of playing in the Senior Tour is to meet players from all over the region who you may not have played with before or that often.
  • Senior Tour Hats - you'll receive your free hat at your first event. We have three styles to choose from...Navy blue baseball, light green/white mesh baseball and Carolina blue bucket hat. Hope you like this year's styles!

Senior Tour Update - May Schedule Changes

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Hello Senior Tour Players,

We’ve been hearing from a lot of you asking about the start of our Senior Tour season and how events will work this summer. A blast email just went out to all MGA members about what is happening with our MGA events schedule at the moment.

The COVID-19 crisis has brought on unprecedented times for our state and nation. On behalf of the MGA, our Board of Directors, volunteers and staff, we extend a hearty thank you to the many heroes who have helped our community confront this public health crisis and navigate these difficult times.

Accordingly, the MGA has updated its events schedule including Member Days, Senior Tour, and men’s, women’s and junior competitions. All events through May 31 have been cancelled. Some will be rescheduled, a few will be cancelled entirely. If you have already entered an event, your fee will be refunded in the case of a cancellation or other conflict. 

The 2020 schedule is subject to change as circumstances dictate. We ask for your patience during the challenging days ahead. Please be assured that the MGA is doing all within its power to reschedule and conduct golf events while keeping the safety of our member clubs, volunteers, staff and participants uppermost in mind during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The following Senior Tour events have been cancelled or rescheduled:

Individual 1: Midland Hills CC (cancelled)
Team: Cragun’s (rescheduled for Tuesday-Wednesday, June 30-July 1)

Mendakota CC (cancelled)
Southview CC (rescheduled for Tuesday, July 21)

New Ulm GC (rescheduled for Monday, June 29)
Northfield GC (rescheduled for Monday, August 3)

Braemar GC (rescheduled for Monday, June 29)

Southview CC (rescheduled for Tuesday, July 21)
Braemar GC (rescheduled for Monday, June 29)

Please note, for cancelled events you will automatically receive a full refund.
For rescheduled events you will remain in the event if you have entered. If you need to cancel just click here to log into your Golf Genius MGA Online Event Registration account to withdraw for a full refund or contact Tristan (Tristan@mngolf.org).

How do you withdraw from events in Golf Genius, you ask?
See instructions below.

  1. When you are logged into the online registration area go to the "gears" icon in the upper righthand corner of the page.
    Select "Dashboard" in the dropdown and that should bring up all of the events you are signed up for.
  2. When you click on the name or "go to portal" link of an event it will bring up that event page.
  3. Click on the blue button "Your Registration..."
  4. Click on the middle blue button "Edit Your Registration"
  5. Click on the "Actions" button on the right bringing up a dropdown giving you a "Cancel" option.
  6. Your full event fee will credit back to your credit card and you'll receive a confirmation email for your withdrawal.
To view the Senior Tour Schedule on the Senior Tour homepage, click here.
To view the entire 2020 MGA Schedule, click here.

If you have questions about the MGA’s men’s championships, contact doug@mngolf.org; for women’s championships and Member Days, contact joel@mngolf.org; and for senior tour, contact tristan@mngolf.org.  

Play safe out there!

Warren “The Commish” Rebholz 1928-2020

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Hello Senior Tour family,

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our Senior Tour founder, Warren Rebholz. We all know what an amazing program he started with the Senior Tour in 1996 which is now going on its 25th year. To think it began with one section of events with 230 male members. Now we have six sections with over 700 men and women! The Senior Tour has introduced so many golfers to new friends and playing experiences at our many golf courses of all types and sizes here in Minnesota. It has been emulated across the U.S. at multiple golf associations.
Rebbie loved seeing the fun and camaraderie golf brought to people’s lives, so please honor him by keeping these two things in mind whenever you tee it up.
Here is a toast to our Commish, Rebbie, in gratitude for this wonderful Senior Tour world he created!
See the links below for Rebbie’s MGA obituary with a photo gallery including some of Rebbie's classic holiday cards and a nice article about Rebbie by Mike Fermoyle.
Click here for Rebbie's MGA obituary…
Click here for “Warren J. Rebholz, a Life Dedicated to the Game of Golf”…

Senior Tour Selfies 3

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

News from Bob Jamison, Scott Dehn, Bob Rolston, and Denny Owings...
Pictured left to right.

  • Bob J. - I am in Alabama playing golf with my 11 yr old granddaughter (we do keep our social distance away from each other).
  • Scott - In MN it's probably a blessing it's still cool outside with everything closed. Can't wait to use the new putter. I'm making everything.........
  • Bob R. - I'm here in California. Hope the MGA & MN golf members are all staying safe & healthy. Look forward to returning to MN in spring and Senior Tour events!! Wash your hands!  Stay healthy!!
  • Denny - No picture. I’m in Arizona for the winter.
    Yes, I have time for the daily Sudoku and Crossword.
    Yes, also I walk the dog.
    Yes, I can do my stretching program at home.
    Yes, and actually playing golf, albeit with physical distancing.
    Mostly it’s family time. Grandkid’s came over for seventh birthday party and are in walking distance, half-mile away.

Senior Tour Selfies 2

Monday, March 23, 2020

News from RJ Smiley, Jim Overocker, Steve Laak, David Koenig, and Doug Diedrich...
Pictured clockwise starting with upper left photo.

  • RJ - Bev and I are playing golf (walking of course) at our club in FL. We are doing yoga and getting in a lot of bike riding. Just finished a Vince Flynn novel and reading Lee Child (Jack Reacher) now. A big hello to all my Sr Tour pals. Be smart! Be safe!
  • Jim - I was fortunate to have played a round earlier this month at the Beach Course at King’s Land on the Big Island of Hawaii. Keep safe!
  • Steve - I am playing three card poker with Charlee. I am not sure, but I think she is cheating!
  • David - I’m doing two things: I just finished writing my second book, called The Board Member’s Guide to Risk and practicing on my OptShot2. Hope everyone is staying well!
  • John - Spending a lot of time in my shop/impromptu gym. 
  • Doug - No picture. I’ve been walking my local golf course with a 7 iron trying to imagine what summer might be like.

Room in the Senior Tour
If you are not a Senior Tour member and have interest just let us know.
New players can join at any time during the season.
Contact the Senior Tour department at seniortour@mngolf.org 
or 952-345-3978

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