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Digital Scoring Policy

Adopted in 2018, the MGA Digital Scoring Policy governs hole-by-hole scorekeeping for all MGA events (championships, member days, qualifiers and senior tour). It is supplemental to keeping an official paper scorecard.  

The digital scoring procedure utilizes a smart phone app called USGA Tournament Management (USGA TM) and is available for free at the Apple and Android App stores. The purpose of the new policy is to broaden the scope of digital scorekeeping (“live scoring”) for all MGA events; however, it is completely voluntary and does not replace an official paper scorecard. All participants in the field with be encouraged to download the app on their smart phone in advance of the event; however, it is only necessary for one person (this may be a caddie) in each group to enter scores. Individual competitors (or teams) must return an official paper scorecard, per the Rules of Golf (3.3b).

Two important takeaways for you to remember:

  1. The policy is completely voluntary; and,
  2. It does not replace an official paper scorecard, per Rule 3.3b.
The MGA encourages all participants with smart phones to adopt this new policy with the goal of enhancing the tournament experience for players, spectators, friends, family members and the media.

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