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Digital Scoring Policy

EFFECTIVE FOR 2021:  As a result of COVID-19 and the need to keep all individuals safe and reduce the number of touchpoints, the MGA is mandating a Digital Scoring Policy, which is an online, web-based, hole-by-hole scorekeeping process for all MGA championships and qualifers, and USGA qualifiers (the MGA Member Days and Senior Tour will operate under the MGA Digital Scoring Policy in effect last year). Both policies replace keeping an official paper scorecard.  

The digital scoring procedure uses the USGA Tournament Management (USGA TM) app which may be downloaded for free at the Apple and Android App stores. All competitors in the field who have a smart phone SHOULD download the app. Competitors will record hole-by-hole scores via the USGA TM app, as this will be the official means by which scores will be marked and returned to the committee. While the MGA will not be supplying paper scorecards, if a player elects to do so, he or she may keep a paper scorecard as a backup to the mandatory electronic method.

To view a demonstration of the USGA TM Digital Scoring app, click here.
To read written instructions of the USGA TM Digital Scoring app, click here.

Two important takeaways for you to remember:

  1. The policy is MANDATORY; and
  2. It replaces an official paper scorecard.
Leaderboards will be available for viewing on both the MNGOLF.ORG website as well as through the USGA Tournament Management app.

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