GHIN Software

GHIN Software

Is your club on GHIN? If the answer is no, you don't know what you're missing!  The handicap and tournament software packages that accompany the GHIN service are developed by the USGA and supported by the Minnesota Golf Association. The MGA is proud to provide MGA member clubs with the latest in handicapping technology: GHIN Handicap Program software, USGA Tournament Management (TM), and access to valuable tools including a free GHIN Mobile App for golfers to use for score posting. The MGA member services department also offers GHIN technical support. We will help you install and operate these user-friendly programs.

Best of all, we provide the software and technical support FREE OF CHARGE to our member clubs!  

Benefits For Golfers

  • Nationally networked system- transfer scores to other clubs effortlessly
  • Internet score posting and free GHIN Mobile App
  • Handicap revision updates emailed straight to the player
  • Up-to-date course rating information in national database ensures handicap accuracy
  • Eligibility to play in MGA championships
  • Members are actively supporting the game of golf in Minnesota

Benefits For Clubs

  • Nationally networked system- convenient for your members to transfer scores between clubs
  • FREE handicap management software
  • FREE Industry-leading USGA tournament and event management program
  • FREE GHIN Admin management website 
  • Clubs are actively supporting the game of golf in Minnesota

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is involved in switching from my current handicap service to GHIN?
    We retrieve a copy of your current player roster and their scores either on paper or electronically from your current handicap vendor. At that time, your players must discontinue posting scores to your current handicap provider. Within a few days, your players' records will be converted to GHIN handicaps, and the MGA member services department will send you your new database along with the GHIN software.
  • Does the MGA really provide all the software and support for FREE?
    The MGA provides its Member Clubs with the GHIN and USGA Tournament Management software free of charge. We also provide free technical support for the software.
  • Aside from the per-member charges, are there any other costs?
    No! There are no recurring license fees, annual charges or any other costs associated with the GHIN service.

Take The Next Step

Is your club ready to take the next step and move to the GHIN handicap system? Do you have more questions about the services and opportunities that come with the GHIN system? Contact us!

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