Minnesota Golf Association

2021 MN YOC 100 Hole Hike

Lafayette Club

Monday, September 27, 2021

Tournament Information

We have two great ways to support junior golf, and more specifically MN YOC.
1.  You can join the MGA team and hike 100 holes, to learn more about hiking.
2.  You can support the MGA by donating to one of our hikers pages

To support MN Youth on Course, you can pledge any amount towards any golfer below for each hole of golf they play.  For example, if you pledge $1 per hole and the golfer completes 100 holes, that's $100 towards MN Youth on Course

Golfers will be playing from sunup to sundown, walking 20 plus miles, and taking hundreds of swings.  It will be a fun, but challenging day and your support will help keep participants going!

To learn more or to sign up as a Hiker, please contact Joel Comstock at joel@mngolf.org or (952)345-3968.

Hike Sites & Dates

  • Monday, Sept 27 at Lafayette Club, Minnetonka Beach

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