2024 Multi-Member Rebate

2024 Multi-Member Rebate

If you have paid for an MGA Adult Associate Membership at more than one Minnesota golf club and were issued the same GHIN number at each club, feel free to complete the form below, to receive a rebate of $25.00 for each membership beyond your first one.  

The deadline for filing for a refund is December 1, 2024. If you have any questions, please call our Accounting Department at (952) 345-3976 or (800) 642-4405 ext. 976.

All rebate checks will be processed and mailed in December, 2024. (If you will be at a different address in December, please supply us with that address.)
  • In order to receive a multi-member rebate, the GHIN number should be the same at each club.
  • Multi-member rebate checks are issued in December. Rebates cannot be used to credit other MGA club dues. 

Please complete the form below to receive your multi-member rebate:  

Rather than send a check to you, we can donate your rebate to the Minnesota Golf Foundation or one of its programs in your name.
MGA Membership Multi-Member Rebate

Thank you! You have successfully submitted your Multi-Member Rebate.

All rebate checks will be processed and mailed in December.

For questions regarding your membership, please contact us.

MGA Accounting Department

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