MGA Championship
MGA Senior Players' Championship
Alexandria Golf Club | Alexandria, MN
June 12-14, 2023
MGA Championship

MGA Senior Players' Championship

Alexandria Golf Club | Alexandria, MN
June 12-14, 2023
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Tournament Information

Registration Status: Closed

Entry Fees:

Qualifying:  $110 (walking)
                   $ varies by site (riding, pay at host site)
Successful Qualifiers:  $85 (walking)
Successful Qualifiers:  $145 (riding, includes $20/person/round cart fee for Pool Play)
Exempt Players:  $175 (walking)
Exempt Players:  $235 (riding, includes $20/person/round cart fee for Pool Play)

Golf Carts - Championship (Optional)
The use of a golf cart is permitted for this event at both Qualifying and Championship events. Carts at the Championship may be prepaid online at the time of registration.  Or, it may be paid on-site on the day of the tournament.


Entry is open to any amateur golfer:
  1. Who is currently an Associate Member of the MGA at the club from which they are playing, 
  2. Whose club is a current Member Club of the MGA,
  3. Whose Handicap Index® for 18 holes does not exceed 6.4 at the time of entry, and
  4. Who must be at least 55 years of age as of the first day of competition.

An entry may be rejected at the discretion of the Committee at any time, including after the competition has closed.

NOTE: For eligibility purposes, an MGA Associate Member through the MGA Join On-Line (JOL) program must have a Minnesota connection in addition to JOL membership in order to participate. Examples of connections would be a MN resident (permanent or seasonal), a non-resident student at a MN school, and/or an MGA course connection, validated by a course employee and/or score posting record. The Committee’s decision on such a connection and eligibility is final.   

Additional Information

Sectional Qualifying:  Sectional Qualifying events are limited to a maximum of 84 players over three divisions (Players', Mid-Players', Senior Players'). Space may be limited by division. The MGA reserves the right to cancel a division within a Sectional Qualifier in the event no competition exists at the close of entries. In the unlikely event this occurs, the player will have the option of moving to any other Sectional Qualifying site with spots available or to withdraw and receive a full refund.

Players entered in the Championship, except exempt players, will play 18 holes of stroke play in Sectional Qualifying. The number of available qualifying spots at each site will be determined once entries close and will be posted on the Championship website. Any ties for qualifying spots or alternate spots at each site will be played off immediately, hole by hole, until the final qualifiers and alternates are determined.

NOTE: Qualifiers for all three Players' events are conducted concurrently. If someone enters the Players' and Senior Players' Qualifiers, all Senior Players will play from the Players' Qualifying set of tees.

Championship:  The Championship is a 32-player match play event that uses a "Pool Play" concept for the first three rounds.  The field will be divided into eight 4-player pools that play a round-robin format (everyone plays each other during the first three rounds).  The player with the best record will advance to the Quarterfinals.  If there is a tie within the pool, there will be a playoff on the course immediately after both matches conclude in the third round.

Once Quarterfinal play begins, the format changes to a single elimination event.

Seeding:  The seeding of Exempt Players will follow the policy outlined on the Exempt Player List.

The seeding of Qualifying Players will be as follows:
(1) Medalists: Medalists will be seeded immediately following the Exempt Players and will be ranked based on their Differential (Qualifying Score - Course Rating). If players from different qualifying sites are tied, the player who played the course with the higher course rating will be given the better seed.
(2) Qualifiers: Remaining qualifiers will be seeded based on their Differential.

Withdrawls: In the event a player withdraws, the spot will be filled as follows:
(1) Exempt Player: The field below the withdrawing Exempt player will be shifted "up" with the open spot filled by the highest ranking alternate from the Overall Alternate List. That person will be added into the field at the position determined by their Differential.
(2) Qualifying Player: The highest ranking alternate from the withdrawing player's Qualifying Site (if available) will fill the spot.  In the event an alternate is not available from the withdrawing player's Qualifying Site, the spot will revert to the highest ranking player on the Overall Alternate List.  The player will be added at the position determined by their Differential.  

This event is a counting event for the WAGR (World Amateur Golf Ranking) System.

Monday, June 10 - AM: Rd 1 Starting times begin 7:30
                             - PM: Rd 2 Starting times begin 12:30
Tuesday, June 11 - AM: Rd 3 Starting times begin 7:30
                              - PM: Quarterfinal Matches begin 12.30
Wednesday, June 12 - AM: Semifinal Matches 7:30-7:40
                                   - PM: Championship Match 12:30

Practice Rounds:
Practice rounds will be available on a space available basis.  Please contact the Deacon's Lodge Golf Shop (218/562-4853) and identify yourself as an MGA Senior Players' contestant to schedule a practice round.  The fee may be dependent upon the day and time you play.

Driving Range: 
Range balls will be provided prior to each round.  The range will be open at least 60 minutes prior to play.

Golf Carts:
Golf carts are permitted throughout the qualifying and championship.  However, if at the Sectional Qualifying level a player is attempting to qualify for both the Senior Players' and either the Mid-Players' or Players' championships, the player MUST NOT use a cart.  The player must pay for their cart prior to play.

At the Championship, a player may have an individual cart.  The cost for Pool Play is $65.  There is no additional cost for the Championship rounds.  An invoice will be sent to all players once the Championship field is set.  Players wanting to use a cart are strongly encouraged to prepay electronically using the invoice in order to avoid a delay prior to play.

Food & Beverages:
Food will provided throughout your time at the Championship site.  During Pool Play on Days 1&2, a continental breakfast will be available prior to play and there will be a lunch available immediately following your match.  On Day 2, there will be food available after the matches for those players who made it to the Quarterfinals.  On Day 3, food is available after each match.

Qualifying Sites
Click on site for specific qualifying details


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